2017 AGM Important announcement!

2017 AGM Important announcement!

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With only 3 members in attendance this has been the poorest numbers in the 17 years I’ve been involved in the club and no proposals has never been heard of.

Membership and race fees are unchanged

Probably the most important news from the AGM is that we have been given notice to leave the venue as the land Agent has given the farmer notice of the land to be sold for development of houses this includes the farmers family home of many generations,

We have people to see and places to view for potential fields.

What does this mean for CMCC , we have been given till march 2019 to be clear of this site with decommissioning of the venue to start with the 1/8th track being closed by the end of February and the fencing and rostrum packed up ready to move.

1/10th can still operate as normal for this coming summer season and hopefully move to a new venue towards the end of 2018 after which time the whole site will need to be decommissioned.

Sorry but this has come out of the blue not just for us but for the farmer too.

Here’s hoping that 2018 is kinder to us than the last few years

CMCC Committee.

Mark Ashforth CMCC Chairman

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