Car Park Improvements

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Car Park Improvements

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The battle to win back the car park has started, and is all starting to come together nicely. Work started early last Friday with a team of highly skilled, super fit men, plus one secret weapon. Armed with a digger, wheelbarrows and shovels and  fueled on chips, bacon batches and the odd can of beer.

New drainage ditches were dug across the centre of the field.


Astro to the entrance was taken up and the gravel moved



The secret weapon dressed in his best work clothes, quickly got into action with his barrow.

Day 2 began two wagon loads of tarmac road chippings and a few more bodies to help.


This was then spread over the entire entrance to the car park, walkway to the toilet block and entrance to the new overflow car park in the wood.

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The new French drain was laid in the ditch and back filled with gravel and soil.


Day 3. The remaining gravel was spread over part of the field. We still plan to seed the rest in the spring and hopefully get some buy cipro online grass to grow.

Another ditch was dug between the farmers field and our field to try to stop the water from running across the carpark.

Astro was laid around the outside of the field for pitting and safe walkway towards the 1/8 track. We still have some slabs to lay from the 1/8 track pit lane.


So there you go, a busy weekend. A big thanks to Dude, James, Jamie, Secret weapon (Dazzle), Paul, Craig, Darren, Phil and Chilli for all your hard work.

We’ve been at the new site now for 12 Months. We started from a ploughed field to where we are today. People said that we’d never rebuild and the club would die after we left Baginton… Well we’re pleased to say you were wrong! With a small dedicated team of people, we’ve managed to build 2 great tracks from scratch. And this year we’ll be doing more to make the club one of the best again.


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