Car Park improvements

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Car Park improvements

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So, everybody seems to enjoying the new tracks at Cosford Raceway… Its been a hard slog to get the tracks in a usable condition this year with such a small crew of people. But unfortunately we’ve not had the time to improve the parking/pitting areas. With all the plant machinery on site and strange weather, its been a struggle to get anything that resembles grass to grow. And now that the cold weather has arrived we’ve given up trying to grow the lush green stuff until the spring. So with the car park looking like the somme battlefield, we thought a plan B was needed.

So Saturday tramadol online pharmacy no prescription 26th Nov at 9.30 ish, arriving on site we were greeted to two 20 tonne loads of gravel at the end of the drive. And a happy and contented Dude on his overgrown Tonka toy.

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So armed with 3 wheelbarrows, a couple of shovels, Dude on his Tonka, an oxygen cylinder for Paul and fuelled on bacon batches (not rolls, cobs or barms), the work commenced. And 2 days of sweating, grunting and swearing resulted in part of the car park being usable in wet conditions. And will hopefully keep us going through the wet winter months.


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